Alin mælieining



What is Alin?

  • Alin is a measuring unit in solid wood, cut in the exact length of a child at birth, engraved with his/her name, weight, date and time of birth. 
  • Alin is made by hand and comes with an optional brass cap to mark the length.
  • Alin is a beautiful memory keepsake to remember tiny fingers and tiny toes.
  • Alin is the design of Ágústa Magnúsdóttir and Gústav Jóhannsson at AGUSTAV.

What does Alin mean?

  • In Icelandic the word Alin has a relevance to the act of giving birth as well as raising children.  
  • In ancient Icelandic the word Alin was used for a measuring unit used in all of Europe, measuring around 48-57,8 cm long but usually was the length from ones elbow to the tip of ones finger. 

Is Alin environmentally friendly?

  • Yes. Each and every Alin is created with a passion for wood and is a part of AGUSTAV's LEFTOVER series. LEFTOVERS are products that are first and foremost created from leftover wood from AGUSTAV's production. 
  • AGUSTAV's plants a tree for each item sold. 

What are my return rights on Alin?

  • Each and every Alin is customized and created specifically for you. As this is a highly personalized product Alin can not be returned nor exchanged. 
  • If there has been a mistake on our behalf in the production we will do everything in our power to rectify that mistake. Please contact us at and we'll get back to you as fast as we can.
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